Brazilian composer, instrumentalist, and producer from São Paulo, Corciolli was born in 1968, starting his piano studies at the age of 15 with Nair Tabet, Magdalena Tagliaferro’s assistant. He then delved into popular music, studying harmony and improvisation with Cacho Souza and, later, Claudio Leal Ferreira. However, it was electronic synthesizers, with their unlimited sonic possibilities, that deepened his relationship with music and composition.

He graduated with a degree in architecture without leaving music in the background: Over the years, he played in several bands and projects, with highlights on the work developed with the Brazilian bass legend Celso Pixinga and with the rumba flamenca group Espirito Cigano. In 1993, he founded his own record label, Azul Music, and released his first album All That Binds Us, starting a successful discography, which includes more than 2 million CDs sold, 400 million streams and 12 “Play de Ouro” (Gold Records) certifications, awarded by the Brazilian Association of Independent Music (ABMI).

Featured in film soundtracks and participation in compilations alongside artists such as Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, The Alan Parsons Project, Sarah Brightman, Enigma and Luciano Pavarotti, his music leads the listener to evocative sound worlds, creating timeless connections between different genres and sonorities.

Music to be heard in the silent spaces of the soul.


“An inspired melodist”



“One of the few that can adapt the Brazilian characteristics of his work in a universal spirit of music”



“This is exotic music, designed to heighten the senses, both within an air of mystery and through kinetic, snappy rhythms”



“Corciolli is a multi-talented Brazilian with his own distinct vision of serenity”



“Corciolli is a master at layering all his sounds into the mix, with an almost uncanny ability to allow the assorted components to softly float into the track’s foreground and then transition backward, allowing another instrumental sound to take over. In addition, his choice of keyboards and synthesizers is absolutely first-rate”



“Playing an array of synthesizers offset by quietly melancholic acoustic piano, Corciolli is a symphony unto himself. When he’s able to boil all of it down into such simple beauty as he does here, adding so much sincere, heartfelt love to a simple array of electronic and acoustic sounds, you realize what a gift it is to be able to be a part of it”



“His symbiosis with the keyboards is such that he can emulate all the possible and imaginable instruments: all sublimated in an incredibly credible way”



“What a wonderful surprise from Brazil. It is still possible to discover music that is new to you but is in fact music by a renowned musician, composer, keyboardist and producer with a 25-year career and around 2 million albums sold!”

PROGVISIONS (Netherlands)


“Brazil´s well-kept secret”